Friday, February 4, 2011

My Craft Room

I started my crafting in the basement years ago.  Since my hubby has started remodeling down there I have been a few places in our home.  What a nightmare.  I finally got fed up and moved into the "dining room".  We really never used it and it was being used as a home office at the time, so I took it over.  Best decision I have made.  I still have some things in the basement, but most of my "stuff" in the newly named "Craft Room". 
I would like to have a wall put up to seperate the craft room from the living room (which no one uses because there is no TV in there), so in the mean time I have a room divider.  This works out great because you can't see my mess from the front door anymore.  You know when I say mess, it just my work.  I don't always get to finish a project that day and it stays out until I can get back to it.  This is the part I love the most.  No more putting everything away just to eat dinner at the table. 
I have just recently found youtube.  I wanted to find out how to make something and a girlfriend said try there, they have everything.  I found it, and now I am hooked.  I started watching everyone's videos on how they have their craft rooms and found I really needed to organize mine.  It has been alot of fun, really.  I love to organize anything.  But somehow I just could not get my craft room the way I wanted.  I think it was because my hubby said I was going to have a space in the basement so I just never thought of getting the room together.  This past month I have decided I am NOT going into the basemet ever again.  They boys can have the "man cave" and I will be happy just staying where I am.  So the following pictures is my progression to where I am now.  Its still a work in progress and I am sure I will make more changes.
I hope that my organizing will inspire others also.  Thanks for looking.
December view before re-do

Before Red-do

before re-do

some of my xmas gifts for organizing

After re-do with organizing storage

after re-do

after re-do

after re-do

after re-do   office area

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