Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toy Story Cartridge- Son's Birthday Projects

Well I just can't believe that my oldest son is now 18 years old.  I remember the delivery because it was unusual to say the least but now looking at him, he is all grown up.  Where did all that time go?  I really enjoyed him growing up.  Seeing him learn how to write, read and explore his abilities.  I have to say there is a big gap between him and his brothers so he did 5 years to be an only child.  Then he got blessed with two brothers two years in a row.   

His favorite movies are the Toy Story movies.  He loves the slinky dog.  He even had woody pajamas that made him look like he was wearing his outfit.  Boy did those get allot of wear.  I wish I would have taken more pictures back then of him and those toys. 

When the Cricut Cartridge Toy Story came out I had to have it.  I knew that I would get allot of use since all three boys love those movies.  Jeremy's Birthday is the first of year and I have spent the last few days putting together some decorations for his special day.  I wanted to share some of them with a few things I learned putting them together.  I though this would be easier than it was, I am so glad I started early or I would have been pulling my hair out.  This was especially true for the slinky dog.  (I don't have it to show you a picture right now, my son took it to school to show off and its still with him he loved it that much).

When you start to cut out characters from any cartridge- Change the blade!

Plan on cutting the character out at the largest setting you can -usually 8 to 10 inches is what I found unless you use a 12x24 mat. 

Unless you have allot of paper and time do the "head" first then you can tackle the body.

Cut out the figure with scratch paper so you know where to place the pieces for assembly, you may need good paper to re cut a few of the pieces.

TEST your paper with speed and pressure before you decide to use your good paper.
I went through allot of paper trying to get the pressure and speed to cut the smaller pieces correctly.  I don't know how anyone just cuts the piece correctly the first time- they don't show that on the videos.  The blade doesn't always cut it correctly the first time and you have to make adjustments.  My pieces were not cut correctly the first time, second and sometimes third.  This is especially true for Slinky Dog. 

Once I got the pieces cut out without any tears I was assembling them without too much trouble. 
I did decide to use googlie eyes for most of the characters, the cutouts from the cartridge made them look weird. 

I tried to cut his body out but I ran out of brown colored paper after my many attempts to cut out Woody but he is just as cute.

Woody was my first try, I tried to cut out his body with all those pieces and just could not get it right.  I wish I had purchased more brown colored paper that was just a shade or two off from each other.  I found that I did better with this view than the bodies.  I am still going to try to cut them out I just need more experience with my machine settings so I don't ruin more paper.

My husband loved the Army men the best

He is my favorite for some reason, I just love the color combinations.  He was the easiest to put together.  I guess after putting together the other characters I got the hang of it. 

Once I have the Slinky dog back in the house I will update this with a photo.  He is too stinkin' cute not to share.  And he was the hardest to cut out.  

I don't want to say that I have bad experience with this project, just I need to play more with my settings to get the small pieces to cut out correctly.  That's why there is no bodies to Woody, Buzz or Bulls eye.  I guess I will have to try when I am not under so much pressure to get them done while the kids are at school, to hide them so I could surprise everyone. 

I would love to hear from you if you have ideas or share the same experiences with your cricut machine.   I hope that my experience will help you if you decide to take on any character cartridge. 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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