Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unmounting Wood Stamp Sets

I haven't posted much on my blog lately.  I am working on a project that has been keeping me busy, but well worth the effort.    I have been unmounting my wooden block stamp sets and converting them to cling stamps to use with my acrylic blocks.  This not only saves me tons of space since I can store them in clear cd cases but make it easier for me to stamp my images.  I am not the best stamper with wood blocks when it comes to sayings or phrases.  I always seem to ink the wood blocks and don't see it until I stamp the saying and then ruin my project.

My benefits for doing this are storage and ease of use.  Its that simple for me.  This is keeping me focused on changing these out.    Stampin up stamps used to have to be cut out before applied to the wood.  I was not the best at this.  No matter how straight my cuts where it was a mess when I stamped the image.  I liked when they started cutting them out for you, but that did not save all the stamp sets I had purchased earlier.  Plus all the room the take up.  I have sets in the basement and in my craft room.  I did make a book by taking pictures of all the stamp sets I had but when you are in the middle of something, who remembers what they really have and then where is it?  As you guessed I am a person if its not near me and I don't see it, I forget I have it.    So I watched a few videos on youtube and decided to give it a try.  I did a few sets that I know give me trouble when stamping, mostly saying or phrases and it worked beautifully.  I fell in love.  

Now my goal is to do all the sets I use the most and then tackle the ones in the basement. 
So far I have done half my sets and they fit into a drawer next to me.  Yes really they fit in one drawer next to me.  I labeled them so I can see what they are easily with my label maker.  Love that tool!

So here is what I purchased-  The original EZ Mount Stamp N' Store system. 
I purchased it from, it came after about a week.  I got a 10 pack for $45.00.  Which I have only used 5 sheets so far so it goes along way.  I use the rubber scissors from stampin up and goo-gone.  The sheet is pretty sticky so goo- gone helps with the scissors.

Its really easy-
Pull off the rubber stamp from the block.  Just the rubber part, leaving the original foam attached to the block.  Clean off any residue from the rubber and place on the stamp n' store sheet positioning it so you can get the most use of it with your other stamps.  Cut it out and remove the backing and stick it to any clean surface.  I use clear cd cases.  I puchased 100 of them for $18.00 online.  (sorry I don't remember the company but if you google clear cd cases you can find lots of companies)

Label your cd case with the name of the stamp set or group, I put the picture I have of the set in the front of the case and thats it. 
When you use your stamp putting on the acrylic block is so easy, it just sticks.  Clean your stamp and then back in the case.  You can use DVD cases they just take up a bit more space and cost just a bit more.

I pick a few sets each day I want to remount and then I am done for the day.  I had started at the beginning of February and I am about half way done so far.  I did decide that the two step stamp sets I would not remount since I have not tried them yet.  I am used to those being a certain way.  Its just my preference.

If you have any questions please let me know.  Happy Stamping! 

This is what the sheet looks like

My Drawer, loving this!
The scissors I used.  The top cd case show the picture of whats inside, the bottom one shows the stamp set with the hands removed, I remounted them on the cling and put them in the cd case.  I grouped all my loose baby stamps into this case.

My work area.

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