Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I won an Award! So exciting

Thanks to Rachel’s Paper Crafts   for these awards!  If you haven't seen Rachel’s work you really need to get over there and see what this girl can do!  Receiving an award from someone with her skills is incredibly awesome to me!!!

The rules of this awards are as followed:
1.  Thank the person who sent it to you
2.  Tell 7 things about yourself
3.  Send this to 15 bloggers

Thanking Rachel’s Paper Crafts  was the easy part.  Telling 7 things about myself and picking 15 bloggers those are the hard parts.  However, I will do my best.  Its not easy to choose only 15 :)

7 Things about Myself

1. I have Fibromyalgia
2. I love to read
3. I can’t cook but I try :)
4. My favorite colors are Pink and Red
5. I collect Mickey Mouse and Captain Jack Sparrow items
6. I am addited to playing Farmville
7. I love chocolate! 
My Favorite 15 Bloggers are just click on their names and it will link you to their blog:

1. Raechel
2. Bella
3. Tiffany
4. Cecy
5. Jackie
7. Christina
8.  Cricut Chick
9. Crafty Life
10. Carol
11.  Diana
12.  Logan's Momma
13.  Lolis
14.  Shelly
15. Deborah

Please take the time to stop by them and see all the wonderful items they have created!  They inspire me and I hope to pass that along. 
Also feel free to add my button to your blog! 

Just catching up and a blogger surprise

I wanted to say a big Thank You again to Momo and to all my new followers.  I am catching up with all of you and your blogs.  I want to make sure that I am visiting and seeing all the really creative things that you all make.  It just blows my mind! 
I have some friends who don't have blogs, but will also be checking you all out.  I love sending them to new friends.   
I want to thank you for those of you who sent me blogger awards!  Its really kind of you.  I haven't figured out how to do that yet, but I will!  I have some I would like to send also, there are so many really great blogs and everyone is so very nice. 
I will also be choosing randomly of course - someone to win a few surprises.  I really wanted to get to 100 followers but that will happen in time I guess.  The lucky person will be chosen by April 3rd.  I will post the winner and contact them.   I will try to take a picture of the goodies when I post the winner.  This is just my way of thanking all of you.
Have a great day and I will post my new creations as soon as I finish them. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday

Good Morning!
I just spent the weekend with my friend Susie.  We did a scrapbook store hop all over.  It took me almost 500 miles from home.  Lots of snow in St. Louis, MO this weekend. :)

We found a store that was worth the trip: Scrapbook Factory. 2004 W. Hwy 50, O'Fallon IL 618-628-8877.    Another of my favorite stores is: Scrapbook Your Story, 1313 Stevenson Dr, Springfield, IL 217-529-7701.  There is a stamp store there also- Prairie Art Stamps, 1035 Junction Circle, Springfield Il 217-679-0148.  Of course we did usuals with coupons of course like Archievers and Hobby Lobby.  Joanne has this app for my iphone where I get the coupon codes whenever I need them and just show the phone to the cashier.  We used those also!  Too bad Michaels hasn't figured that out yet!

I did some serious spending this weekend.  So for April I am out of luck.  But I have some really cool things.  I am trying to do a Haul video but I am not good at editing and if it goes too long I can't figure out how to edit.  Its on my list of things to do but I keep putting that off for a bit.

I wanted to share a card I did that reminds me of my best friends Susie and Tammy.  We went to grammar school together.  Its nice to have friends for over 30 years you know you can count on.
Here it is...

If you have any questions please let me know.   Have a great day and remember your friends they are a gift!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A big Thank you to Momo

(Made by Momo) Momo's blog is offering the opportunity for those of us with not alot of follwers to post our blog site and have others check us out and then decide if they want to follow us.  This has to be the nicest thing I have seen in a very long time.  I just started following Momo's blog a few months ago and learned to appreciate her gifts and talents.  I can't say enough.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Momo.  
If you have not seen the post please go check it out. Her button is on my page.    

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Father's Day Cards

I wanted to start a bit earlier this year so I don't have to rush unlike last year Father's day.  Some of my cards were late and I was not a happy camper.  :(
I found a tie stamp set at Michaels after Father's day and loved it!  I did the Tie cutout last year and thought how cute the stamp set was.  I have not seen yet for this year, but something should come out soon.  I noticed all the Michaels were re-stocking shelves the past couple of weeks. 

All of the paper used are what I have in my stash.  I am really trying to use up what I have before I go out and purchase more.  Although all the new paper pads are really hard to resist.  I just have so much paper I can't really see me buying new stuff.   

My first card is a take on last years.  I hand cut the tie shape.  There is no pattern. 
I used my cricut to cut out the word DAD.  The background is a embossing template I had for years.  Its a quick cuts?  Its not sizzix or cuttlebug I am sure.

My second card  used my mini sewing machine to stitch around the mat.  I wanted to make a pocket for the pull tag.  This is the Michaels stamp set with the tie.  The papers are just some old CM scrapbook paper I had.  

Thanks for stopping by and I will be making my rounds to everyone's blog later tonight.  :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easter Cards

I wanted to share a few Easter cards I had made. 

On my first card, I used a Stampendous stamp called Chickie Hop.
This is a gate fold card with patterned paper used from various packs in my stash. 
I colored the chicks with some Copic markers and flocked the ears with Martha Stewart's flock in white.  The pink shows through as I had colored the ears pink.  The ribbon holds the overlapping chicks from opening.  Just slide the ribbon a bit and the first part opens to reveal another chick by stampendous.  Open that fold and there is a simple Easter saying.   The final measurements are 4 3/4 X 41/4 when closed.   When starting you need a piece 11x 4 1/4, score at 2 1/2 and 7 1/4.  This gives you three section: 2 5/8, 4 3/4, & 3 1/2.  I measured it out on a scrap paper and wrote the dimensions down and then made the card.  This way you will have template for the future.  This will also help with dimensions to be used to mat all the sides. 

This is a standard size card.  I used the same Chickie Hop stamp from Stampendous. Colored with Copic markers and flocked the ears with Martha Stewart's flocking.  I matted the chicks onto pink then yellow card stock.  Then matted it on a larger piece of pink that I had embossed with a Sizzix embossing folder.  The Easter stamp is from Stampin' up as is the ribbon. 

I just wanted to make something that was a bit more fun and thought the flock would make the bunny ears feel real fuzzy.  And they do.  I think I will try to use flock more in my projects. 
Let me know what you think or if you have questions.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Boy Onesie Mini Album

I just finished making a baby boy onesie mini album.  I have had it cut out for a few weeks but put it aside.  I have not been sleeping lately and thought I would work on this today. 

I personally think its easier to decorate for a girl.  You can use lace and bling.  With boys you have to get creative with ribbon, but not to much.  So this was a bit of a challenge for me not to bling it up.  I think my next album is a girl and it will be all blinged up. 

I used my Cricut Sampler cartridge to cut out the onesie in 7".  
I used the K & Company Itsy Bitsy Baby Boy 8.5 X8.5 paper pad.
I had cut 12 sheet of paper since I needed 6 pages and I was matting them on thin chipboard.  I actually used cereal boxes at the same 7" inches.  
I glued the paper to the cereal box and used a brayer to make sure the glue was set.
I used large eyelets to make it easier to bind the book.
2  1" binder rings and 1 doll dress hanger.
The accessories and decoration were found all over mostly Michaels.  Some of it I have had for a very long time.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Party Decorations

Thinking of things to do one day, I looked at the decorations I had made for my husband and son's birthday.  I wanted to make something fun using my cricut machine and came up with a few good things...
I started with my son's favorite animal, a cow.  The cricut cartridge create a critter has lots of choices and they are so cute.
The Invitations

The wall decorations (about 10")

Close up of the Cow Wall Decoration

The Dog Set

The dog is 10"

The Cowboy set

I did invitations and a thank you

The horse wall decoration

What have I been up to lately?

I have been away for while.  I wanted to wait till my new design was done.  How do you like it?
I found this wonderful gal by searching other websites and saw the designer.  I am so happy with their designs!  You can click on their link and find them!

I have lots of pictures to post but I need take them.  So off with the camera I go!  Maybe a video or two...see ya later.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Easter Treat

Its Saturday afternoon and I could not get my mojo in gear.  I am having a bit of a block.  I looked at my workspace and there sat a project I had started to do but put aside because I didn't have the chocolate Easter eggs.  Well I have them so here it...

Cricut Cartridge- Tags bags boxes and more
12x12 Orange Card stock- pick something a bit heavier than usual
Score tape or the red sticky tape to keep the box shut
green raffia
Chocolate Easter eggs.
Clear acetate for the window to keep the candy in the box.

Using the cricut page 127 and the window settings cut out the triangle shaped box. I set it at 5" but it probably would work good at 4.5" or 4" depending on your chocolate eggs.
Fold on the score lines and use the tape to seal the box in front leaving the top open to fill with candy.
Insert the acetate and fill with candy.  I did not tape it to the box but you can.  The candy keeps in place since I cut it the same size as the box. 
Close up the box, leaving the tab to insert the raffia. 
I carefully bunched up a few strands and inserted them in a whole I punched and taped it down.  Then fold the tab to close it and tape it down.  Trim the raffia.    Then you have a carrot treat box for Easter!
How cute is that?  I can't make a video so I took pictures.  If you have any questions please let me know.
Happy Saturday!
The finished product

The raffia used

my chocolate Easter eggs

The box before its taped shut

The score tape I used and the box is filled and closed. Leave the tab open

This is what it should look like from the front.

Punch a whole and feed the raffia thru and tape it to the tab.

fold over the tab and tape shut.

The finished carrot.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Onesie Mini Album

Wow what a week, my desktop took a nosedive.  So new parts coming today and will be assembling it like a mad scientist.  Really think about me putting a computer together with new parts, its really funny! 
My fibromyalgia is in a flare and I can barely move to get out of bed.  Its OK once I stretch and get going but its that time of year for it come show itself.  Its a good think I can still use my arms and hands or I would be really upset.  The good thing is I can still craft and be in my "happy place". 

I wanted to share the Onesie mini album I did using my cricut.  It was from the sampler cartridge.  I cut it out at 7 inches.  It gave me more room than the sizzix die did.  Although you have to cut out more to make all the pages that you would get with the sizzix die.  So it has it good points and some bad.   However I tried not to put so much on this album to make it more picture friendly.  I want the Mom to be able to put bigger pictures and journal more with the tags.

I used only materials I already had, since I am trying to clean out my drawers so I can get new stuff- lol.
The paper was random from my stash , the lace was from hobby lobby. 

Overall I think it came out great.  I plan on doing more of these, especially little boy ones since most people I know have boys.     Please let me know if you have any questions.
Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heart Mini Album

I needed time this past weekend and was able to get into the craft room, well lets call it my therapy room actually.  When I feel the frustrations of life, well the frustrations of three teenage boys... enough said, I go to my therapy room.  I wanted to make something with only items I already have.  Which sometimes is quite a bit.  I have really tried not spend any money lately.  Which is really hard!  Shopping is my "other" therapy. 

One of my project this weekend was a heart shaped mini album.  I wanted to make a shape and this seemed easiest.  Well it actually was using my cricut machine.  I cut the cereal boxes first, changed the blade and cut the paper.  Then the assembly wasn't too bad.   Although hot gluing the lace to it was a bit harder on a few fingers than the others, be careful...very careful with hot glue.  My situation is my husband gave me an industrial size glue gun so it comes out in a wider space than what I need.  I think a new glue gun purchase is on the horizon for me.

This was allot of fun if you need any ideas or have suggestions please let me know.  Thanks for stopping by and have a good day.