Saturday, March 5, 2011

Easter Treat

Its Saturday afternoon and I could not get my mojo in gear.  I am having a bit of a block.  I looked at my workspace and there sat a project I had started to do but put aside because I didn't have the chocolate Easter eggs.  Well I have them so here it...

Cricut Cartridge- Tags bags boxes and more
12x12 Orange Card stock- pick something a bit heavier than usual
Score tape or the red sticky tape to keep the box shut
green raffia
Chocolate Easter eggs.
Clear acetate for the window to keep the candy in the box.

Using the cricut page 127 and the window settings cut out the triangle shaped box. I set it at 5" but it probably would work good at 4.5" or 4" depending on your chocolate eggs.
Fold on the score lines and use the tape to seal the box in front leaving the top open to fill with candy.
Insert the acetate and fill with candy.  I did not tape it to the box but you can.  The candy keeps in place since I cut it the same size as the box. 
Close up the box, leaving the tab to insert the raffia. 
I carefully bunched up a few strands and inserted them in a whole I punched and taped it down.  Then fold the tab to close it and tape it down.  Trim the raffia.    Then you have a carrot treat box for Easter!
How cute is that?  I can't make a video so I took pictures.  If you have any questions please let me know.
Happy Saturday!
The finished product

The raffia used

my chocolate Easter eggs

The box before its taped shut

The score tape I used and the box is filled and closed. Leave the tab open

This is what it should look like from the front.

Punch a whole and feed the raffia thru and tape it to the tab.

fold over the tab and tape shut.

The finished carrot.