Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Mini Album

Late last night I decided to make something.  I can't sleep at night lately since I have not been feeling all that great.  I had all these toilet paper rolls I have been saving... so here it is.   I have a few hints at the end if you havent' tried one yet.  Have a good day!

Front cover

Front Cover

Inside 1st page with tags in pocket

1st page without tags

2nd page flips up

"If Someone believes in you, and you believe in your dreams, it can happen" Tiffany Loren Howe
Another page with decorative trim (perfect for a picture)

Another pocket page with decorative trim.
(the trim on the end is for the pull tag, shown in last picture)

Another page for pictures.

Picture or Journaling page.

Back page of book.  I added trim and glitter glue to give it sparkle

These are some of the pull tags that go inside the pages.

I have found that there are a few things that help me keep the roll flat.  I paint them with craft paint inside and out especially near the end that will hold the tag.  Flatten the roll with a bone folder.  When I glue the paper to the roll I use Hot glue especially near the ends so the paper looks finished.  The combination keeps the roll stiff and flat. 

Punch the holes so they line up before you put on the embellishments, so you won't ruin any of them later.  I use a 1" ring to keep the book together. 

When I attached the paper I had used a longer sheet this way if I wanted to make a pocket I could just roll it over to get the length.  Then I used a decorative punch prior to glueing down the sides of the pocket.  When I glued the paper I did get some excess glue that spilled out the sides, be careful.  I just took away the excess when it cooled off a bit.  I used hot glue to attach the trims.  

When making the tags I used regular glue so there would not be any bumps in the paper.  I made each one to fit the opening as I went with the co-ordinating papers.  

After I had the pages I needed then I went back to add the details.   Adding the journaling space is easier done when the trim is not there.  I planned on handwriting what I need on the tags opposite the pictures. 


  1. Beautiful Judy...love it. I have yet to make anything like this, i kind of stick to cardmaking...i'm a little nervous to try this.
    TFS! www.canadiancraftcorner.blogspot.com

  2. Wow.... absolutely beautiful! Look forward to seeing more of your creations. I found you through Made by Momo's blog followers post. Following now! =)

  3. Beautiful indeed! I sure hope you get feeling better!!

  4. These are so pretty Judy
    Hope you are feeling well.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful and elegant.

  6. Hi Judy!!
    WHEW!!! You sure aren't kidding that you can't sleep! After seeing all the work you've done on this project, I think I need a nap!! It sure came out beautiful! I have become your newest Follower & can't wait to see what you come up with next. I've given you a Versatile Blogger Award to proudly display on your blog. Stop on over to mine, to pick it up!!
    God Bless & Hugs from R.I.,

  7. These are gorgeous!

    Momo sent me, and I am now a follower. Hope you have a blessed Easter!